Kids Ministry

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          Our kids ministry at Hampton FFC is truly a unique experience designed with the children in mind. We partner with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) to offer an unforgettable time of learning. Our church was searching for 2 things:


• a way to provide a more engaging kids service.

• a way to get churchgoers involved with serving in a ministry.

Here's how we do it:

          Our kids ministry leadership has created a rotation for volunteering. At the beginning of the calendar year, our attenders are instructed to find a partner. Once everyone has their team ready, we add them to the schedule. Each week, a different set of partners teaches the Bible lesson. This allows for two things:

• a greater connection between the adults.

• the kids are taught, loved, and encouraged by just about everyone in the church.

We welcome you and your child to give this method a try and join us one Sunday! 😀